STP61318The key to relating to others is to put yourself in their shoes.  In today’s society we are more interested in putting people in their place, than taking the time to look at life through their eyes, and allow ourselves to feel what they may feel in times of difficulty.  Are you quick to respond to the needs of others?  I believe Jesus gave the perfect rule for establishing human relationships, it’s called, “The Golden Rule.”  today, as you walk along with Christ, who is your life, give people the benefit of the doubt, do not readily assume the worst of others.  Live unto others and not unto self. Continue Reading »


“When we fret about an issue or something that we consider necessary, we’re neither    committing ourselves to the Lord nor trusting in Him. Because of our limited human  viewpoint, waiting patiently is rarely easy. However, God knows when circumstances and    timing are perfectly aligned for His will to be done.”-Dr. Charles Stanley